The Big Chop


I have just got my big chop and I am now fully natural. I cut my hair because it was relaxed and it was breaking off and it was just TURRBLE, nope not terrible, TURRBLE. So, I will now be on my natural hair journey and will keep you guys posted on my hair progress.

BIG CHOP~ june 7th


Suave naturals


This shampoo AND conditioner is my favorite of them all. My favorite scent is strawberry but this one here is almond verbena. Its shampoo and conditioner all in one! For the regular price of any shampoo and conditioner of theirs. Great deal…great shampoo.

Folgers cofee!!!


I loooove cofee and thus far folgers is the best I’ve tasted. Caffeine is really helpful to me in the morning but…I tend to over do it at times. Let me know if you have a suggestion of a new type of cofee I should try.

Dese shoes!!!


I want some of thes shoes so bad. My friends say the brand kind are called timberlands but I dont care what brand I just want some…i think it will add a boyish accent to any girly outfit



I would love to try some kiss press on nails because doing your own nails gets old. If any of you have tried these press on nails tell me how your experience was and I will try them out myself